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Magic Spells And T U D O R B E T H

About Tudorbeth Page

Tudorbeth is a hereditary practioner of the Craft. The rules and gifts of candle magic, herb lore, scrying, numerology and tasseomancy have been passed down through several generations. Born in Wiltshire, she has an Honours degree in Religious Studies and has lived and worked in California and Italy, before returning to live in North London.

The practical steps to living and working with magic is the emphasis for Tudorbeth’s writings. Her books describe what it really means to be a witch living and working in the world today. That witchcraft is a life style choice. Her books are written in a clear humorous way detailing the many layers and concepts of the Craft:

  “A witch is not just for Halloween.

   It is a way of life!”

Tudorbeth writes on a number of subjects for the modern witch. Tudorbeth translates her ancestors’ knowledge into practical guides for today and shows us how our everyday objects can be used for traditional magical pursuits. Further, Tudorbeth writes and designs her own Oracle and Tarot cards to accompany her books thereby giving the reader further opportunity to develop their skills as a practioner of the Craft.

Tudorbeth also writes stories for children of the modern witch to help explain our festivals of the year and to show how we are all connected within the universe. Tudorbeth focuses on nature and how we must respect and preserve the earth.

About Tudorbeth