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Magic Spells And T U D O R B E T H

This series of books is about modern witchcraft. We do not use cauldrons and broomsticks anymore. We have microwaves and vacuum cleaners instead.

The books are all steps that empower you to find your own magic. They also show you how to weave magic into your everyday life.

The books are available worldwide through any bookshops and digitally on ALL platforms. Direct links to purchasing the books on all formats:

The books are also stocked at Atlantis Books, 49a Museum Street, London, WC1A 1LY. And also at Watkins Books, 19 Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4EZ.

Further, you can purchase a signed copy from this site by selecting the PayPal button below. All books are priced at £6.00 each (£3.50 p+p) Total  £9.50 GBP.

Tudorbeth Books


This is the first book in the series. The essentials of the Craft are discussed along with candle magic, spell-weaving, and how to make potions and much more.


The second book discusses the secrets of Bell, Book, and Candle, pentagrams, black cats, and pointy hats. It also discusses the festivals of life from birth to Handfasting and finally death with examples of the rituals.


This third book in the series shows how to spell weave. This book has more than 100 spells for money, health, career, family, and of course love. It shows how when casting for love, different correspondences are used for those who are seeking it e.g. spells for not just a woman to man but woman to woman, and spells for a man seeking another man.


In the fourth book Numerology, Herbalism, and how to read tea leaves is discussed among many other topics.


The final book in the series discusses the different beings of magic from Angels to Werewolves.

Seasons,Spells and Magic

This series of books written by Tudorbeth explores and explains the occult transformations that exist between and within the seasons.

Embrace the magic and the miracles that unfold within the Earth this book takes us on a journey of discovery into the world of seasonal magic.

Overflowing with rituals, spells, recipes and traditional customs this books how how to celebrate the colourful and bewitching changes that each season brings.

The author clearly explains the correspondences with the trees, plants, colours, days, oils and crystals. Expand your knowledge of the dieties, gods and supernatural beings and learn about the magic and divination practises of Spring.

ISBN:  9781326738396

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Tudor Publishing

Published 27 July 2016

Pages 170

Price: £6.99

Spring Summer Autumn and Winter